Eye Secrets eyelid lift is a new product that has been designed to overcome eye drooping which is one of the most common problems that people face. Just as the name goes, eyelid lift helps you keep your eyes open in a sexy way.

It doesn’t matter if the drooping of partial closure is due to a old age, genetics/ familial, muscle weakness or any other reason.


Each Eye Secrets instant eyelid lift box contains 64 strips which is a one month worth of supply if you are using it daily.

These strips are made in such a way that they appear invisible on most people and will seem to disappear on the lid, you can use your daily eye makeup with these strips.


Instant Eyelid Lift From Eye Secrets: The Features

Eye Secrets Upper Eyelid Lift: This gives instant result and requires no form of surgery, piercings or needles.

  • It offers non surgical instant and long lasting eye lift.
  • It works in an instant to give you a much younger area around your eyes.
  • Clears the wrinkles and fading around the eyes
  • It has been made to easily fit all eye shapes.
  • No pain is involved
  • It is transparent and cannot be easily seen

How Does Eye Secrets Eyelid Lifts Work?

The Eye Secrets strips work by gently pushing the eyelid and hood of excess skin above the eye to the back of the eye socket, thus giving the eye the appearance of being fully open and well supported.

Instant eye lift - Eye Secrets


Normally, the strips should not fall off if you apply the strips well. You can take them on and off and readjust them until they are positioned properly. Once you’re happy with the placement of the strips, leave them where they are and they will set in place after about a minute or two and stay in place for an entire day (about 12-18 hours).

Eye Secrets eyelid lift can be used on a daily basis to help give you a more youthful and vibrant look. Eyelid lift can also be used on special occasions, whether it be a family photo or a special evening out. There is no required number of times per day you are to use it. Usage is entirely dependent on your description.

If you have droopy eyelids, Eye Secrets will instantly lift them. It erases years from your eyes. And when your eyes look younger, YOU look younger.

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